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Sculptor: Stanley Taub, MD.  465 West Broadway, New York, NY 10012  Phone/Fax (212) 777-5548

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Art is a passion and talent combined together at the same time. Most people think that becoming an artist is just for unique people who are sanctified to have this kind of blessing. However, there might be still a lot of things that you do not know yet about visual artists.

Artists were not born as artists. It would take a lot of practice in order for you to consider yourself as one and to proudly say that “Yes, I am an artist.” As the famous saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” It is a saying that is very inspiring for most artists. Artists do not become great in a blank canvass. They become great and good with this talent and passion when they work hard in making some art challenge for themselves and by practicing every single day.

Artists have this kind of improvement each passing day. In their sketch pads, the first drawings would probably look like an art or painting that seems like a work of a 3-year old kid. But as the pages from the sketch pad is flipped from page to page, you can see a lot of improvements until it becomes a very realistic or semi realistic (at least) version.

In making art, everything undergoes through a lot of process. You do not wake up tomorrow transforming into a very good and one of a kind of artist in an instant. It needs a lot of hard work, motivation, and concentration. In order to make a place more conducive for making art, there are a lot of things that need to be taken with consideration.

  • Endow yourself better furniture. Are you aware that environment affects the way of your thinking and perspective not only for art, but also in life as well? This is why it is really important to invest in good furniture. This directly affects your mental state of being as you make paintings or drawings. You will not be able to focus well if you do not have a comfortable environment around you. You would not want to paint a good portrait if you have a very uncomfortable chair, right? It will only give you less productivity if you have a bumpy chair or furniture. Look for furniture that would serve you well when you are doing an art work. A properly structured chair for you can give you a better focus on your painting and not on your uneasy feeling. Added to this, it will also give you a better posture as you work for hours or days just to have an excellent and astonishing kind of portrait

  • Listen to music. It is important to take note that if you are listening to the music while doing your painting, will give your brain a better processing and enhancement. Research shows that indulging yourself to listen to songs or play instruments can enhance how your brain works. But you need to consider the level of the volume of the music. Having a very loud music can cause you trouble and delay. If you will just keep on head banging because the music is too loud and you get easily go with the flow, you will never finish your work. There are various types of music that can be helpful for you. But be careful to choose which songs should you have on your playlist. Because it can get too distractive for your work. Just choose those songs that are not too loud and not too low. Keep the music on to fill the gaps on your mental framework. These songs can inspire you and motivate you all along.

  • Produce stimulating aromas. These fragrances are not really that magical. However, with the right kind of aroma, it can have an enchanting effect to your state of mind. It can give you a refreshing feeling that would help you become more inspired. It will add creativity to your mind, and it will give you the perfect scent so that you can continue working without the scent of synthetic and addicting paints. The best fragrances that would add more creativity and productivity are lavender, orange and peppermint. Moreover, it can lessen the stress and pressure that you feel. So you might want to check those aroma machines that will give you the right amount of fragrance.

  • Hang some visually appealing artwork. Creativity is often sparked by external stimuli, such as visual artistry, so decorate your office environment with art to ignite your imagination. The more diverse and thought-provoking your collection is, the better. When you see this art, your brain should head in a number of different directions (or no direction at all, with some accompanying gut reaction). It should force your mind to wander, and when it does, you’ll be at top capacity for coming up with great new ideas.

  • Invest in well ventilation. Well ventilation has proven how productive a person can be with this. Invest in buying an air conditioner that would give you the right temperature as you work on your paintings. It would also help you become productive even during the hot season of summer. So it is best to look contact the best AC installers in town.

    These small changes can be significant with the way you work as an artist. It is best to invest with the things that can make you productive, inspired, and motivated. These things can help you come up with creative ideas, new concepts, and more positive outlook in life. Thereafter, you will find yourself reaping the rewards of having a good investment.

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